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Short Courses

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What are Short Courses?

Short courses are educational programs that are typically shorter in duration than traditional degree programs. They are designed to provide students with focused, specialized training in a particular subject or skill. Short courses can be offered in a variety of formats, including online, on-campus, or in a hybrid format combining online and in-person instruction. They may be standalone courses or part of a certificate or degree program. Short courses are often used by individuals to learn new skills or improve existing ones, or by organizations to provide professional development opportunities for their employees.

Short Courses Benefits

  1. They provide focused, specialized trainingShort courses allow students to gain knowledge and skills in a specific area, rather than a broad range of subjects.

  2. They are time-efficient : Short courses can be completed in a shorter period of time than traditional degree programs, making them a convenient option for busy individuals.

  3. They are cost-effective : Short courses are often less expensive than traditional degree programs, making them a more affordable option for students.

  4. They can be taken on a flexible schedule : Many short courses are offered online, which allows students to complete coursework at their own pace.

  5. They can help students stay current in their field : Short courses can help professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in their field.

  6. They can provide a stepping stone to further education : Short courses can serve as a stepping stone for students who want to eventually pursue a traditional degree program.

  7. They can help individuals improve their job prospects : Short courses can help individuals gain the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers or qualify for new job opportunities.

Short Courses Offered 

What are the benefits of CPD? 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is beneficial for both employers and employees :

Employees Benefit
  • CPD is effective means by which all key skills and knowledge can be kept up-to-date and relevant.
  • In order to ensure that the professional standard of all registrations and qualifications is maintained, employees must commit to ongoing personal development.

Employers Benefit
  • CPD helps ensure that the organization’s standards remain both high and consistent at all times.
  • Staff morale and workforce retention rates can both be improved with CPD, enabling employers to train, develop and hold onto the most valuable human resources the workforce has to offer.
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