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Professional Certificate in Office Management
(Short Courses)

Type of Training

Online / Coaching / Visual

Skills Focus Area

Office Management


10 Days / 40 Hours


Lecture & Case Study


Via Zoom Platform / Offline

Participants / session

25 - 50 per session

Course Objectives

This course aims to guide candidate to become a very effective and successful Office administrator / Managing A Office. Office administrative responsibilities deal with overseeing the daily functions of various inter-disciplinary departments to have operations flow smoothly and reduce the workload from higher-level managers.


The major job responsibility of an office administrator is to guarantee the efficient functioning of all connected departments within an organization. They perform as a connecting linkage between departments and between the employees and the management. Your position and role demand from you to keep operations moving effortlessly.

Learning Outcome

This course will enable participants to have crucial and in-depth knowledge that will empower them outshine as an effective manager of office at your workplace.  Discover the best practices such as being an excellent coordinator in your office space, a great multi-tasker, and an outstanding communicator.


In this program, participants will also learn the importance of delivering outstanding customer service experience to see a cascading impact on the business. They will also learn the effects of stress at the workplace, and how to manage them by setting priorities that will empower you to be more energetic and productive.

Module Listings


Chapter 1:

Incoming & Outgoing Communication

Chapter 2:

Leadership Ethics


Chapter 3:

Workplace Ethics

Chapter 4:

Filing Administration & Meeting Preparation Assistance


Chapter 5:

Basic Data Entry

Chapter 6:

Operation Coordination Office

Chapter 7:

Procurement Administration

Chapter 8:

Administrative Staff

Chapter 9:

Effective Communication

Chapter 10:

Health, Safety & Environement Impl

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