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Professional Certificate in Logistic & Supply Management
(Short Courses)

Type of Training

Online / Coaching / Visual

Skills Focus Area

Logistics & Supply Chain


10 Days / 40 Hours


Lecture & Case Study


Via Zoom Platform / Offline

Participants / session

25 - 50 per session

Course Objectives

In this course you will be presented with the end-to-end process of Supply Chain logistics and transportation including the key points of integration and improve the knowledge of Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse, and Transportation. It also covers the core concept and business context exclusively in the area of logistic and transportation and its application to a IT or ERP system.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand Supply Chain concepts of Logistic & Transportation

  • Understand the end to end logistic and transportation processes in the Supply Chain

  • Apply and use these concepts to in any IT system or tool

  • Prepare for Supply Chain consultant interviews.

  • Understand the actions carried out in the warehouse and Distribution centers

  • How to execute the picking and packing actions in a warehouse

  • How to execute the shipping & transportation process in the supply chain.

  • Key factors that go towards building a Supply Chain network

Module Listings


Chapter 1

Digital logistics for a customer-centric supply chain

Chapter 2

Digital transformation in production

Chapter 3

Managing strategic sourcing in a digital supply chain

Chapter 4

End-to-end planning & optimization in the digital supply chain

Chapter 5

Transforming digital supply chain strategy


Chapter 6

Principles of Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Chapter 7

Procurement and Sourcing Management

Chapter 8

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Chapter 9

Transportation and Maritime Management

Chapter 10

Logistics: Current issues and Best Practices

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