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Professional Certificate in Digital Entrepreneur
(Short Courses)

Type of Training

Online / Coaching / Visual

Skills Focus Area

Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing


5 Days / 20 Hours


Lecture & Case Study


Via Zoom Platform / Offline

Participants / session

25 - 50 per session

Course Objectives

This course will create the awareness of the concept of digital marketing and help in developing and applying in depth knowledge of each concept of digital marketing and ways to engage with your ideal customers on social media so that they get to know and trust you and are more likely to buy from you. It will also enable to review key goals, and choose low-cost tactics that will allow to achieve those goals

Learning Outcome

This course will allow participants to identify your current marketing goals and define your marketing budget, so that you have a clear path forward and plan useful content to attract leads who will value your products and services and to whom you can market your offers. Additionally finding ways to establish and develop relationships so that you have access to engage potential customers and industry partners.

Module Listings

Electronic Book

Chapter 1:

Introduction to Digital Marketing Tools & Strategies


Chapter 2:

Social Media Marketing


Chapter 3:

Content Marketing & Video Marketing

Chapter 4:

Copywriting to sell your product & services


Chapter 5:

Web Development & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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