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Professional Certificate in in Aviation Security and Safety
(Short Courses)

Type of Training

Online / Coaching / Visual

Skills Focus Area



10 Days / 20 Hours


Lecture & Case Study


Via Zoom Platform / Offline

Participants / session

25 - 50 per session

Course Objectives

This course will provide extensive knowledge about Cargo, Ramp, Terminal, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Aviation safety, fleet management, Ground handling/ Inflight, Regulatory management and equip with skills and Knowledge that are required to fulfil the role in the Aviation industry. It also helps analyses situation, identifies problems, formulates solutions, and implements corrective and/or mitigating measures, action management into service operations and demonstrate the ability to develop, examine, question, and explore perspectives or alternatives to problems in day-to-day operations.

Learning Outcome

This course will enable participants to understand passenger terminal management and how to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, knowledge about Safety Management System and how it's designed to easily detect hazards at your workplace and learn about understand basic safety concepts and safety risk management to improve your skills in the aviation industry.

Module Listings

Excited Traveler

Chapter 1:

Introduction to Airport Management


Chapter 2:

Airport Customer Service


Chapter 3:

Passenger Terminal Management

Chapter 4:

Airport Components


Chapter 5:

Airport Peaks & Airport Scheduling

Chapter 6:

Cargo Management

Chapter 7:

Aviation Noise Control

Chapter 8:

Weather Control

Chapter 9:

Sustainable Airport Management

Chapter 10:

Security Management

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