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Professional Certificate in Agriculture Science
(Short Courses)

Type of Training

Online / Coaching / Visual

Skills Focus Area

Agriculture Science


10 Days / 40 Hours


Lecture & Case Study


Via Zoom Platform / Offline

Participants / session

25 - 50 per session

Course Objectives

The courses offered will allow student to master fundamental skills that are essential for modern agricultural operations, including computer training, keeping accurate business records, and using up-to-date and innovative technology. 


Skills specific to crop production will involve student in practical field skills used to identify plants and weeds and assess a variety of pest problems.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this certificate program, student will gain knowledge and skills through agronomy, production, precision farming, and financial management classes while being immersed in a hands-on experience through industry practicum or Lakeland’s student-managed farm.


Whether the student choose the acquisition of this certificate as their exit point or choose to continue to diploma program, student will be prepared to contribute to a farming operation or to work in the retail agriculture sector.

Module Listings

Organic Garden

Chapter 1:

Economic Forces in Agriculture


Chapter 2:

Student Managed Farm I


Chapter 3:

Business Record & Reporting

Chapter 4:

Grain, Oilseeds & Pulse Crop Marketing


Chapter 5:

Agricultural Communication & Computer Apps

Chapter 6:

Plant Science & Field Crops

Chapter 7:

Weed & Herbicide Management

Chapter 8:

Tillage & Direct Seeding Systems

Chapter 9:

Pesticide Application Technologies

Chapter 10:

Soil Science

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